Rooiklip Nursery


Aan de Bergen Guesthouse is set on the grounds of a renound rare plant succulent nursery: Rooiklip.


If you are an enthusiastic gardener or nature lover our establishment should definitely be your first choice as we have a nursery with rare and exquisite plants on the premises. Rooiklip nursery grows mainly SA water wise plants that are tolerant to dry conditions and needs little water. The nursery specializes in growing mostly SA Aloes and the Sunbird aloe range, but also aloes from other countries such as Africa, Madagascar and Arabia.


Rooiklip specialize in the breeding of unique Clivia plants that are distinguish by their flowers, in terms of color and flowering time as well as leaf form.


The public is welcome to visit the Aloe barn at the nursery where plants are on display. Garden clubs and organisations are welcome to visit with prior arrangements and for a guided tour.


Contact Details:

+27 72 355 8165


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